Reply To: UC Automation


Last time we checked we were 50-60 % automated that data was taken over a week. Biggest thing I can suggest before starting looking at automation is make sure that your CTR scheme supports automation.

What I mean by that is that before we changed our CTR scheme to banded scheme was that everytime a UC notification came through that varied from the previous month the default scheme was changing the award of CTR which changed the council tax bill which meant that if the customer was paying by direct debit it moved the first payment on by a month, so on and so forth. Which is why we didn’t automate till we went to a banded scheme, as with alot of customers the way we had it set up initially would have never been billed. However with our new banded scheme we have limited this to a hand full of claimants. Never going to get rid of it as will always be the odd few who are always in and around the boundaries of the bands.

Apart from that its all about using the guide and deciding what ones you want to set to process and what ones you want checking. As can remove say the pending from the outcomes but leave the task pending so that can be checked later.

Also use the CLM469 error report as can show you any errors for example where the major one is where the customer has two employers which the system doesnt know which one to end, which was due to disregards we had placed in the previous scheme and the hours. We changed that this year but not sure if has solved the issue.

Hope this helps