Reply To: Tricky little overpayment query..


Good Afternoon I wounder if someone could help, just new to the role.

I have an appeal against the recovery of a duplicate payment. We terminated a claim back, due to a full exemption being applied for ctax purposes for the claimant Mr. We re-opened a new claim in the partners name Mrs from the date the original claim was terminated, the overpayment was set to recover from the first payment on the new claim, but it paid out resulting in a duplicate housing benefit payment. The appeal has come from the Landlady/daughter on behalf or Mrs We were looking at recovery from both Mr and Mrs as it paid to a joint account and they were a couple in the house at the time. A few weeks after notification of the overpayment Mr went into a home on a permanent basis with dementia. The landlady/daughter is disputing the recovery from Mr and Mrs and put in the appeal on behalf of Mrs. Can I now ask for further info ie does Mr and Mrs have an appointee, bank statements, rent statement, If it turns out they do, can we make a fresh decision and look to the appointee for recovery.