Reply To: On PC:GC but MAC


MAC couples where the younger partner has NRPF have specific rules in HB

Generally, where one member of a couple has no recourse, we include then anyway and itd assessed using couples app amounts and income/savings of botrh parties ( obvs advising customer of risks and to seek independant specialisty immigration advice etc)

but MACs are different

The UC rules state that a older member of a MAC couple , id to be treated as a single person id the younger has NRPF
the pension age HB regs define a single person as someone who does not have a partner, and is not a lone parent

then the pension ages regs refer to the income of the claimant and any partner – well your chap is explicitly treated as being single
so for HB purposes – the wife is excluded and her income ignored – HB is assessed on single person app amount and his income/savings only

On Northgate, there is a personal status for the NFPF partner so that they sjhow as a member of the household but are ignored in the calculation this, not sure how other systemsshow this scenario