Reply To: HB start date

Colin Adams

Thank you.

Another scenario; claimant’s partner passed on 2nd April 2023 which was a Sunday.

There was no claim for HB; Housing costs were included in the joint UC entitlement (partner had not reached pension age).

The claimant is pension age so is now claiming HB from the LA; the claim date is 2nd April 2023 which is the date partner passed but this is not the first week of liability to pay rent at the property so I am thinking HB would be payable from the following Monday which was 3rd April 2023.

Even if the claimant had received HB, the entitlement would end on 2nd April 2023 which was a Sunday so I see no provision to award HB from 2nd April 2023 and am of the opinion that the start date for HB should be 3rd April 2023.

Do you agree?