Reply To: Issuing notification of decision


Cant answer your question exactly, but I ‘d have thought the lesser of the two evils will be for you to not send the notification. If you send the notification to an address you know the claimant is no longer at, and by doing so you end up with a data breach, you’ll have a hard job explaining the logic of what you’ve done. Pretty sure GDPR compels you to keep your data up to date – which in this case you can only do to a certain degree. You are not up to date because you dont know the claimants new address, but you are up to date as far as you can be by knowing the claimant is no longer residing at the address you hold. To issue something to an address you know is incorrect would be acting upon data you know no longer applies to your claimant. I wouldnt do it, regardless of what the HB regulations say.

Having said that plenty of council tax bills get sent out to ‘last known address’, and get returned to the LA, so perhaps I am making a mountain out of a molehill.

It just doesn’t feel right to me – its a data breach risk you can easily avoid.