Reply To: british overseas territories

Andy Thurman

The point Peter is making here is that the status of this person from Bermuda is effectively the same as an ‘ordinary’ British citizen. Had she claimed on arrival, she may have failed to establish habitual residence but this would have been established by Aug 22 – hopefully your homeless accommodation has a daily liability as you can then pay back to that date!
The JSA/worker stuff was due to a specific rule around ‘workseekers’ in PFA rules (for a period of time) during our EU membership – PFA stuff is almost extinct.
The only thing that really matters now is immigration status but, in the unlikely event you know they have no leave or the wrong kind you can over-ride UC. (Unlikely as DWP don’t tend to pay if they aren’t completely sure – so more likely you decide you can pay before they do – but also because you would not tend to look behind their decision if already known).
Apologies for the delay btw and see you in September…