Reply To: High Base Rent for Supported Scheme


so they’ve agreed the sale price (after refurb) before the refurb has even been done?
Sounds odd to me. How do they know what the property market will be like once the refurb has been done. Its like the pension provider is agreeing, in advance, to massively overpay for the refurbed property. Hmmmmm….

And the ‘pressure’ being put on ‘ we might lose the property’ – all this emotional blackmail stuff: far too much of it going on. The NHS arent helping in this regard, by the sounds of it.

Disengage, tell them you’ll only make a decision on HB once you’ve got a fully completed HB claim from from a tenant. See what happens.

I’ll probably get flamed for saying all that, and I know the tenant needs specialist accommodation, but the purpose of HB is not to create profits for investors. We’ve been here so many times before though……