Reply To: High Base Rent for Supported Scheme


“the purpose of HB is not to create profits for investors…..”

The Panorama program The Housing Benefit Millionaire springs to mind!

£65,000 per year for one person is extraordinary and yes I understand the person is vulnerable and needs extra help but this is about the highest around. Yes you may get subsidy but if DWP do take over exempt what then? Is the developer going to come back and argue the Council is liable? Increase the charges next year to £75,000 because of inflation and interest rates?

The best piece of advice I was ever given was never take risks on subsidy but that is an aside.

I suspect that plenty of providers could supply a 5 star service for a max of £30,000 … the rest is sheer profiteering. But then this is why the exempt bill is eye watering.

Not easy for decision makers though.