Reply To: NHS non consolidated pay awards for 2022/23



Sent this to our team a few days ago based on how I read the pay changes – Wales mind, think the changes are slightly different here:

So there appears to be multiple changes in the pay of NHS staff lurking.

Potentially there is

2022/23 arrears
Non-consolidated pay
Consolidated pay
2023/24 arrears

The 2022/23 arrears should have been paid in the April/May 2023 pay. These will need to be apportioned over the period that they cover (HB 79 (7) & CTR PR (W) Sch 6; Part 6; 46 (8)). Any resulting overpayment is ‘other error’ – though you could also argue claimant error where there is a delay in notifying us, both are eligible overpayments for subsidy purposes – it’s just not strictly the claimants fault that the overpayment has arisen – this would also be consolidated pay.

Non-consolidated pay – for all intents and purposes this is essentially a bonus or a thank you or recognition that times are tough at the moment. It is non-pensionable, but is taxable. This is included as part of the average likely earnings calculation where it is felt that it will form part of their likely earnings. Case by case basis – you’ll need to justify your reasons for including/not including in the calculations – HB 29 (3) & CTR PR W; Sch 6; Part 4; 10 (3)

Consolidated pay – basically a pay rise that becomes linked to that scale/position. This would then form part of their regular earnings as the consolidated pay would increase for each pay period after agreed and is probably linked to the next – HB 29 (3) & CTR PR W; Sch 6; Part 4; 10 (3)

2023/24 arrears – if the consolidated pay has been agreed from 01 April 2023 but payable in the 21 July 2023 pay then its probably going to have an arrears line covering 01 April 2023 to 30 June 2023 – (HB 79 (7) & CTR PR (W) Sch 6; Part 6; 46 (8)).

Please therefore take extra care with NHS employees and VEP notifications as it’s not going to be clear cut. Any NHS payslips that come in, you’ll need to check for any arrears lines on there and may need to ask them for additional information on what any arrears cover. The above isn’t set in stone, it’s a general outline to make you aware that this awaits.

Hope it helps.