Reply To: Appeal – can landlord act for claimant?

nick dearnley

Thanks both. I don’t think the LL qualifies as a rep in the way a solicitor would, and as Peter B says it looks as though the LL is going it alone – there’s nothing from either claimant to say they even wanted to decision reconsidered. It’s my own fault for wanting to be helpful, but I was clear that the claimant could appeal if they wished. Not helped by me only replying to the LL rather than doing a proper reconsideration and sending it to the claimants….

The frustrating thing about these two cases is that there would be clear good cause for backdating – the claimants need support and that support has been shoddy enough to mean their claims were late – and if it was just about that I would have revised the start dates anyway. But there were no backdating requests in the original claims and when they did eventually arrive, they were some way later than a month. So I think the prospects of success are extremely limited.

I think I’ll go back to the LL and ask for signed appeals from the claimants.