Reply To: Appeal – can landlord act for claimant?


Landlords have an independent right of appeal where the council has determined that overpayments are recoverable from them as well as or instead of the claimant

This has been discussed here many times since the turn of the century and has had many twists and turns as the case law developed

I otherwise agree with Peter B that landlords must not be allowed to “take over” tenants claims.

I saw the consequences of this in the early 90’s when landords in Cardiffwere running sham bed and breakfast arrangements and charging extortionate rents

The “breakfast” consisted of a pint of milk delivered by a milkman and a box of Happy Shopper Cornflakes from a shop owned by the landlord

The arrangement had carried over form the time when the DWP paid IS on B&B claims but the landlords were eventually successfully prosecuted for fraud at Cardiff Crown Court