Reply To: LHA rate – change of address


first week yes only applies to new claims – a change of address is not a new claim, itds a change in circumstances.
theres no need for fiorst week yea claimns because the old address should pay up to the last day of residency and then the new address from the day after – first week yes only applies wheres theres no earlier benefit period

With changes of address the claim date is the original claim date

LHA began in 2008 and was at that point set each mnonth, but from 2013, the LHA rate became annual rates so it wouldnt matter if the customer moved in the year, the only reason the LHA rate would change is if the number of bedrooms they needed changed.
TIf you are northgate – the LHA rate is generally picked up from the start date of the address and the household scrren for those dates to pick up the number of bedrooms needed.