Reply To: Scotland proposal

Peter Barker

“These go to 11”

The purpose of the Council Tax bands is to value properties relative to one another within a single LA area. I’m not sure that a major revaluation would make a lot of difference to that. My house in Romford is in Band C, the flats round the corner are in Band A and the big houses in the Gidea Park conservation area a couple of miles away are probably in Band F upwards, H in many cases I would imagine. I expect that would still be the case if they were all revalued: the Gidea park houses are still worth several times as much as my house, and my house is still worth about twice as much as the flats – just as it was in 1991.

If I’m wrong about that, and a national revaluation resulted in more properties in the SE falling into the higher bands with some authorities having few or even none in Bands A and B, what that does is bunch the properties in that LA area closer together so that there would be less variation in council tax bills there than in an area where the values are spread more widely. The same would be true in areas with very few properties in the higher bands: having all properties in Band H is the same as having all properties in Band A. So you might need to localise the bands in some way to achieve a proper spread of bills as we have now.