Reply To: Scotland proposal


Good points … I think the main idea of the increase by the Scottish Government (by the SNP) is to raise more money and quickly. It is not guaranteed but in reality is inevitable and there is a history in our business of something coming in first in Scotland then elsewhere.

My wife’s mother is reaching the end of her life (in her 80’s and had 6 children). She refused to stay in hospital and demanded to return home (personally I think there are far too many old people in hospital esp when as here there is nothing more they can do). The local Council is providing help and assistance. Health visitors and/or nurses four times a day. It struck me recently how much this is all costing in an area where there are so many older people.

The growing older population is going to mean a huge increase in the cost of HB and CTS over the next 20 years. I remember this being discussed at school when I was 14. Over 50 years ago now and we are here now.