Reply To: Can this capital be disregarded?


Thanks for that Nick. As well as the savings there is also the matter of her house. Court of Protection was applied for at least eight months ago but apparently has still not concluded. There were safeguarding concerns regarding some members of her family and her money. I am told that she has to go to the bank every week to draw £150. I am guessing that is because it was judged that is what she needed at the time to live on. However, now she has moved into expensive rented accommdation I would assume this amount needs to be revised to take into account her change of circumstances. If it could be arranged for her weekly allowance to be increased it feels wrong to disregard all her capital. While she cannot access all her capital, ultimately she has enough savings to be able to afford her rent and not need Housing Benefit. If for some reason she needed access to all her savings presumably that could be arranged.