Reply To: Claimant is now Landlord Representative


Complex but here are my thoughts:

1 I cannot see how. I presume the landlord rep will live there rent free until he passes. I doubt any contribution to repairs he makes is “rent”.

2 I doubt it….contracts end on death and the executor will now be responsible (here as the landlord rep or so it seems). Have the contracts run out? The other tenants cannot just be evicted of course but it is interesting whether the landlord rep could apply for them to be evicted. What if there are no repairs? Who gets the money or is no rent payable?

3 Just a change in landlord so I dont see any need to change the HB claim. Subject to below.

It would be helpful if you could get a copy of the Court Order. How could the will be disputed by a tenant? My guess is that the landlord rep put some of the money in to buy the property and was deemed to be a part owner by the Courts. Thus he was never entitled to HB.