Reply To: Joint tenants – council property


if I remember from an old case I was involved in, the portion paid by each joint tenant is at the discretion of the assessment. So 50% 50% is reasonable but you could decide on a different amount. For instance if one of the joint tenants had no recourse to public funds.

So in my case, there were two Council joint tenants. Family members. One day, the youngest just left and was not heard of again. We apportioned the rent 100% to nil and paid HB on that basis. As the tenancy had not been given up we reverted to the 50% each after a period of time. That meant there were arrears of rent.

The matter ended at the UT. The Judge decided we could have been more generous in the circumstances and extended the 100%..for a year more I think. But he made the point that it could not go on for ever.

After another 15 months the remaining joint tenant gave up the two bed flat and moved to a one bed. For which he was paid compensation by the Council. Who were desperate for such flats.