Reply To: Second property and Council Tax


There could be scope in this, if the premium is implemented, to use some of the revenue generated to fund more generous CTS schemes, and thereby stop the need to purse recovery on what are often relatively small , but unpaid, amounts. Some significant admin savings perhaps, plus help for families right now has got to be a good thing.

And apparently the Telegraph reported this:

The Telegraph’s investigation found that 78 out of the 297 authorities responsible for council tax have already given their seal of approval for the move. The votes have been collected because councils must give a year’s notice before hiking taxes.

Well, that’s lovely, but our legal advice is that councillors cannot make a decision on something that is not yet law. So, some councils may have got an ‘in principle’ decision now, but will need to go back to Full Council, to obtain a decision, once the Regen & Levelling Up Bill receives Royal Assent.