Reply To: Under occupancy due to family member passing away


assuming this is HB rather than UC
The elidgible rent is protected for 52 weeks from the date of death – so if they were in a 4 bed with a 14% restriction at the point of bereavement, the the eligible rent cannot fall BELOW that amount for the following 52 weeks ,If the rent increases, or someone moves in to increase the eligible rent thats fine

So lets say the rent was £100 a week with a 14% SSSC shortfall – eligible rent is £86.00 per week
child dies 1 April 2023- the 52 weeks protection startes at that point –

2 weeks after the death, on 15 April , a non dep vacates – so now they only need 2 beds – but the rent is protected so they will carry on to be assessed on an eligible rent of £86.00 until 31 March 2024 –
the 53 week protection stoped the eligible rent reducing for 532 weeks from date of deasth for any reasdon…. the bereavement is enough to trigger the protection