Reply To: Intensive Housing Management via telephone


Yes the landlord stated on the new claim that they were providing 3 hours per week regularly on the individuals Support Questionnaire,

We now have the scheme and salaries job roles etc. 22 full time staff are involved in the scheme, they apparently provide all 1.91 hours low level support and 1 hour IHM as everyone has this in their rent charge.

I am no accountant but 2.91 hours pw for 900 units – I don’t think the staff are working 119 hours each per week to provide this so they must have made up that amount of support as it is impossible for the staff to provide it (no third parties are involved).

This is a RSL so they have to be careful with what they put on the core rent as they are obliged to only increase by the cpi each year as per the rent standard.

incidentally we just heard this afternoon this property has been de-commissioned so something has obviously been uncovered. I am leaning to the fact they falsified how much support was being given so just wondered if anyone had a similar case and if they took it back.

Does anyone also have thoughts on how they would deal with a landlord including surcharges and over-inflating the IHM costs too. Their admin costs are already based on a set percentage (17% added based on the total of service charges) so they already have a 17% surcharge on the IHM for contingencies, would anyone consider the additional on-cost (one of the properties the IHM was inflated by 47% of their actual costs). As they already claim 17% on the service charges via 17% allowed for admin would anyone allow another on-cost within the service charge itself , I asked for justification of such a high working margin and have not received and response.