Reply To: Second property and Council Tax

Mike Hughes

That’s the trope isn’t it. The English line is simply “You can’t survive without us” when really there’s limited evidence to that effect to say the least. Nations have survived and thrived having started from far worse positions. That line can be repeated ad nauseum but the maths are nebulous and convenient at best.

That said, and I’m not a separatist, the reality is that nationalism and separatism in both countries is taking a hold in both places precisely because English politicians are saying one thing about the union but doing the exact opposite repeatedly.

This story – – is fairly typical I think. Basically, we have a budget which can’t be reduced but then… it is. Same week as someone called Johnson talked yet again about the strength of the union. What on earth do people really think the consequences of stuff like this is? In Wales the words Cofiwch Dreweryn resonate louder by the year and yet the same thing is about to happen again. Once again the protagonists talk of their believe in the strength in the union. As a reserve fund or reserve of resources maybe…