Reply To: ESA Revision back to 2012 – arrears/capital paid


thank you John, can I then ask if the sum is such a large amount and we are disregarding the capital, the claimant and partner also have other capital in addition to the lump sum payment received. They have spent most of the lump sum amount received from the DWP but have other capital that takes them over the threshold so there is a tariff income.

The bank account the lump sum payment was received also receives other income paid into it. if we are disregarding the £28563.86 are we only disregarding to the time we can see it has all been spent? or do we continue to disregard this amount from the claimants capital amount (currently they have £15,188), some of that is balance left from the £28563.86 and other capital is savings build up and is not any of the £28563.86.

Thank you

Miss N Patel