Reply To: Mixed Age Couple – Right of appeal?


was the decision acurrent one or a closed period supersession?
if they worked for 6 weeks over Easter and the job finished on 2 May and you did an assessment on 9 May that showed they were entitled again from 8 May 2023, thern its a closed period supersession and HB survices to fight another day.

If they told you assessed it while they were working based on the correct income and that showed nil entitlement, the HB ends and the only way to revive it is if theres an error with that decision.

WE had acustomer appeal – they did a mutual exchange from one area to our area – were on HB at old address and obviously we turned dowen the new claim as working age – customer said he wouldnrt have accepted to move had he realised – judge said while he was sypathrtic to the customers circumstances, there was no way to accept a new claim. ]
but your couple havent made a new claim so theres no decion to appeal against ( you havent refused a claim because it hasnt been made – so they cant appeal about that)