Reply To: Underlying entitlement calculation for an Official Error overpayment


you can only go back and revise a decision if theres been a change in circs or the decision was flawed./had an error.

so what was the change in circs ( a change in curcs generally has a specific date attached to it – went of sick on x date, had a wage increase from y dates, started new job on z date etc, – a change in the amount received doesnt constiturte a change in circs necessarily. From what youve said, it doesnt sound like there was a specific change in circs which warranted a revision.

if its fluctuating earnings, and you generally apply from when the info is received, then the o/p is LA error non recoverable ( because the o/p was caused by LA error, the customer didnt contribute to it and how the dickens would the custmer know about our quirky procedures and what constitutes a change of circs and what doesnt)

Underlying entitlement exists to find the RECOVERABLE amount of an overpayment – if non of the o/p is recoverable in the first place, then you can’t apply U/ent to it