Reply To: Mixed Age Couple – Right of appeal?


Oh blimey thanks both.

Yes you have a point with our wording Andy, we’ll keep that in mind 🙂

Please could I run the dates past you and see what you think?

We received ATLAS on 16/06/23 to say PCGC ended 14/05/23.

We checked VEP on 05/07/23 which shows partner’s start and end date of employment (started 02/05/23, ended 07/06/23).

On 11/07/23 we updated the claim and, as they did not qualify from 22/05/23 we cancelled their HB claim from 21/05/23.

However, if they would have qualified on 11/07/23 based on their income without wages then does this mean the HB claim should continue – I’m now thinking we’re wrong and it should??