Reply To: Question on leased Schemes


Apparently it is possible to do this via the VOA, never knew that. Well, not this time as they are inundated but something to keep in mind. Have to look for funding then 🙂

“Dear Kay,

Many thanks for your email which has been passed to me as the Team Leader covering this area.

While this is work that we would like to undertake, and appreciate your considering us, it isn’t something we would be able to take on currently due to ongoing and heavy work commitments. In this instance, I would have to regretfully decline this instruction.

Should you need any work undertaking in the future, I would be grateful if you could still consider us as, while we don’t have capacity currently, we hope to be better placed to help in the future.

Although I can’t recommend a firm myself, you may be able to find help at the RICS Find a Surveyor website:

Kind regards,