Reply To: Pension Age “Hobby” Income

Kevin D

A rare dip into contentious waters….

The legal test, paraphrased (a lot): …gainfully employed, other than as an employee

Depending upon the frequency of “sales” and the amount(s) being obtained from sales, the facts as stated seem to point towards this money being capital, just / on the balance of probability. If the frequency justifies, then income but it’s hard to see how it’s unearned income – surely it must be earnings (self-employed). As a pension-age case, I can’t see how it fits into any of the “income” types if not s/e.

Cautionary note: be wary of info on LinkedIn profiles, especially where that info is by way of drop-down menus and/or limited by specified options on the site. As far as I can see, the options don’t allow for “hobby” or “pursuit” or similar. Arguably, hobbies / pursuits shouldn’t be in that section of the profile but there doesn’t appear to be anywhere else for that kind of “crossover” scenario.

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