Reply To: ‘Housing Division’ named as Landlord…


Thanks for replying. The MPS on companies house is not the MPS in question (they are an unlinked window cleaning company. I found them too, sorry should have said). The ‘millbrook property services’ named on the tenancy are referred to as a ‘housing arm’, a ‘housing division’ and a ‘brand name of the Housing Division’.

This is from the property owners website:

‘Affinity Trust also has its own housing arm, Millbrook Property Services (MPS), a specialist landlord for people with disabilities. MPS sometimes has vacancies in properties it already owns. In the last few years MPS has developed properties for people with complex needs.’

This MPS do not own or lease the properties we have claims for and do not appear to be legal entity capable of owning or leasing a property. The tenancy clearly states ‘This Tenancy Agreement is between Millbrook Property Services and….’

Affinity have confirmed that MPS are not a separate legal entity. As far as I understand the law, a legal tenancy agreement can only be between a landlord (i.e. an owner or leaseholder) and a tenant. MPS are neither, merely a named department of the owning charity. Why would this be any more legitimate than naming a random member of staff as landlord?