Reply To: ‘Housing Division’ named as Landlord…

Peter Barker

This sounds similar to the old Stonham BASS contract. The Home Group took over a small housing association called Stonham some years ago, and the registered society of that name was dissolved. But Home continued to use the Stonham brand name for their supported housing line of business and ran the MoJ BASS contract under the Stonham banner. They used a lot of leased property and the leases were (quite properly) between Home and the property owners as Stonham didn’t exist. Cannot remember of they used the nae Stonham on the licence agreements.

Another example is Rethink, which is a trading name used by the National Schizophrenia Fellowship.

I don’t know whether the use of a recognised “trading as” name on a tenancy or licence agreement voids the agreement – I would suspect not and the agreements probably have effect as equitable tenancies, but that’s really one for a housing lawyer to answer.