Reply To: Self-employed expense

Colin Richardson

Hi all,

Wading in now on this debate as a benefits officer in Brighton and Hove and have an Uber claim. I agree with comments on this and previous posts that @Peter-Barker has bought up and having also discussed this with team leaders in my council, that they should be treated as self-employed for earnings assessments as they are also responsible for their own NI and Tax contributions, not just to mention the other points raised (SSC&B Act 1992)

My query however comes later, past all the court judgements as to how to treat any relevant expenses that Uber drivers claim through self employment. Normally taxi drivers would submit accounts etc covering motor vehicle costs, but, Uber drivers are already reimbursed within their pay, vehicle running costs at the relevant HMRC rates (£0.45 per mile up to 10k, £0.25 thereafter) so can we really accept any (or if so) part of the expenses claimed for motor vehicle running cots when they have already received this?

To add: They are classed as ‘limb workers’ – someone who is registered as self employed but provide a service for someone else’s business (in this case, Uber)

Uber themselves ( quote the specifics as to what their rights are as a worker for them, so taking this into account, can any expenses for their vehicle running costs be used to reduce the income as it would a normal taxi driver?

Just some thoughts 🙂