Reply To: Self-employed expense

Colin Richardson

I have added a screen shot (personal info redacted for GDPR) to show – this is from a claim that I have just worked on and calculated.

Though you say the driver is not receiving the £0.45 allowance, Uber do state (to quote cut and paste):

‘Will my expenses be reimbursed as a worker?
As a worker, you will not be reimbursed directly for expenses like vehicle rental costs, mobile phone bills, or livery.

However, the trip payment which you receive includes the expenses that Uber calculates that you necessarily incur when you drive. Any payments that we make to ensure you are earning the National Living Wage will take into account the average costs of running your vehicle and payment of certain fees (such as the Congestion Charge Zone in London).Vehicle running costs are calculated using HMRC’s rate for vehicle expenses. The average rate for vehicle expenses is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles driven. After 10,000 miles it is 25p per mile.’

With this they state that they do pay an allowwance for it within the calculation of the trip fee.