Reply To: HB ends Change of address


a move out of one address only ends HB if you know they cant claim at the next address – so if they move and you dont know where they have gone, then its a reason to suspend the claim

No reply after 1 month, you may chose to terminate as infp not provided, but if that info is subsequently provided, you need to decide whether there is good reason for you to extend the 1 month basic time limit. WAre staff calling/emailing the customer about the coa? where are staff sending forms? Where are the suspension letters being sent? you cant termnate a claim without suspending first iunless you know there is no further HB payable – thats usually cos somes dies, moved out of the LA arears or had a change in crcs which means they arent entitled any more – moving out of House A to s place unknown doesnt end the HB claim – you dont have enough info to know whether they are still going to be entitled at their new address.