Reply To: Pre-Settled Status from 12/07/2022


Can I ask for some help too please.

I have a claim for HB – women’s refuge CL is Indian came to the UK in March 2023 and her entry was approved for 6 months under the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit. She has also provided her residence card which is valid until 31/12/2024 showing Pre Settled status (EU scheme) and states Work Permitted & Leave to remain (presumably after this she applies again?).

She is employed (won’t be working whilst in refuge as its out of area but says will be returning to her job) she has a dependant child on the claim but child came into the UK as above under the EU Family permit scheme. She also states that her partner gets CB for the child – I’m not sure whether she was married to her partner from the info I have and obviously as CL has gone into a refuge getting any evidence of partner status may prove difficult.

She is not currently entitled to any benefits and doesn’t appear to have made any claim for UC.

My instinct is that she cannot claim unless she provides evidence that she has recourse to public funds. What do you think?