Reply To: Prisoner – sentenced and on remand


good morning all, looking for some help

Landlord (supported accommodation provider) is appealing an overpayment, where the claimant went into prison, and this was only picked up from a Searchlight check that confirmed claimant has been in prison for a period of over 13 weeks. We cancelled the claim and created an HBOP of over £5K, cancelling the claim from the date stated on Searchlight We did not receive any notification via ATLAS/DWP although interest set on CIS, the Landlord was not aware of the claimant being in Prison. the LA issued notification letter to LL and they have confirmed HB should be awarded for temporary absence. We as the LA dont know the claimants period on remand, date sentenced or whether he had intention of returning to supported accommodation address, the LL has no contact details, they state they have tried to make contact with a probation officer but had no success.

We as the LA don’t really know where to do with this now and have left the case cancelled from the date DWP have stated as end of UC as UC end due to reason imprisonment.

Can the LL apply for temporary absence taking into account they dont know when the claimant left, what prison he is at, no contact with claimant or probation service.

Thank you