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Hi John,

The drawdown pension is a mixture of regular drawdowns (approx. £200 per month) which we already have on the claim as a an OCP income & also larger irregular drawdowns, which he then almost immediately pays out to his solicitors so it doesn’t generally stay in the account for long enough to be treated as excess capital.

There is a one month period on the bank statements from earlier this year when he held over £26k in his account after a pension drawdown + the monies received from the auctioneer, but then he paid out £16k+ to his solicitor, so the capital value drops down to about £9k again one month later – I was going to £nil the HB & CTS award for that one month period, but I was going to do it as a closed period supersession & then continue the claim as normal after the capital drops back down again.

I had also asked for a letter from his pension provider to confirm how much he could get each month were he to take the maximum payment available to him — in response to that request he’s just provided a letter from the pension company stating that his chosen retirement date is 27/11/2023, his fund value is approx. £28k & that he needs to contact them to arrange how to take his pension payments.

Is there anything else you’d recommend I ask him about the pension?

Just to clarify as well that this is a pension age claim.

Many thanks for your help!

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