Reply To: Subsidy on Homeless Hostel


I would also look at why they are being placed in the hostel. Are they being placed under relevant Homelessness regs (here in Wales it would be Part 2 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014) to discharge the LA of its duties towards a person that is homeless, or to prevent a person from becoming homeless, or are they being placed for a need of care, support and supervision and therefore not for homeless prevention?

If the person(s) is being placed under the LA’s duty to discharge or prevent then I think it would have to fall as subject to the subsidy cap as a non-HRA placement – but, if they’re placed for a need of care, support and supervision, and it just so happens that they are also homeless (sorry, no matter how I thought about wording it that was the best way it came out!) then you could treat as specified as a ‘managed property’?