Reply To: High Risk Review


Hello – I first identified it when we had an email from our Performance Relationship Manager querying our low return numbers for FCR and HBMS.

I too import the HB9803 into an Excel spreadsheet and then filtered out the R records and look Fields 171 to 176, but also keep manual records of the FCRs we’ve been undertaking. After the ‘non dressing down’ I looked over our most recent SHBE return and noticed that there was no corrosponding R record for ones that we had completed, but there were T records and E records if appropriate. I then looked back on the prior SHBE return and noticed that there were R records showing with the date in Field 171 for initiated, whichever relevant number in Field 172 for the review method (mostly 2, 3 or 4), 173 is set as 1 for High Risk, 174 is ‘Y’ for FCR and 175 and 176 were blank as no decision was made – so I knew that they were definitely being recorded and I knew that the blanks were right as we hadn’t yet made that decision.

I therefore completed a couple of the reviews we had outstanding – picked some of the oldest, some a few weeks prior, and some that came in that day. Set the conducted dates that they were undertaken, assessed the claims and then ran the SHBE return against them individually to see. Common theme was that any that had a conducted date in HB4032 that was in the prior SHBE period did not show up on the SHBE output for that claim, but any that had a conducted date after the last SHBE period (within the period I was now adjusting) did appear. So I then changed the conducted dates on the prior ones to the same date that the review took place, re-ran the SHBE against them individually and they all magically appeared with Fields 171 to 176 completed.