Reply To: Transgender child and bedroom allowance

Andy Thurman

The Housing Act makes a singular reference to “two persons of opposite sexes” (then discounts children under 10) – I would not say this is heavily reliant on biology but more how gender is currently defined in law. (The Law Society website includes articles on the need for a reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.)

What is also very true currently (as I have already posted) is that there is no LEGAL reason why the children in the OP “cannot share a bedroom”. It was also true, of course, that until the Courts intervened, there was no legal reason why a couple could not share a room if needed on medical grounds!

In discounting children under 10, the Act (& HB regs) effectively recognises that, as children reach puberty, gender becomes a more important matter.

Gender reassignment (legally) is not possible before the age of 18 but does this mean those who will do so later are not biologically different before that?

It would seem harsh not to allow a DHP – possibly needing to sensitively get a little more detail.