Reply To: Transgender child and bedroom allowance


A single reference is all that is needed when using an unambiguous term like “opposite sexes”. I think using the term ‘gender’ muddies the waters on what is a straightforward matter of biology.

The GRA contains provisions that make it clear that as persons biological sex has not changed despite their being recognised as the opposite sex. There’s an interesting article on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website suggesting a change to the Equality Act 2010, to make it clear that ‘sex’ means biological sex.

The court confirmed that there WAS a legal reason why a couple could not share a bedroom due to disability – because denying this amounted to unlawful discrimination on the grounds of disability!

Could discounting children under 10, the Act (& HB regs) not be a recognition of the sexual development/interest that happens in puberty?

The legality of gender reassignment does mean that there has been no modification of sexual characteristics. Children are often if not usually psychologically different; does this amount to an inability to share a room? If so, when and why?

Of course a DHP could be applied for.