Reply To: Arrears of State Pension – Disregarded?


I don’t think so unless you can find somethingin schedule 6. Writing off the overpayment is fair but from the date the capital lump sum was paid she does not qualify for HB or CTB until her capital falls below £16,000. No difference to other areas where a person has received capital. I can remember such arguments about arrears of industrial injuries benefit and the impact on HB going back 40 years. Of course if you recovered the overpayment in full that would do it….rather ironically!

Yes you are right that there are many of these but how many in receipt of SRP will this year have to pay tax and fill in a tax return because of the triple lock and the freezing of the tax allowances until 2028. There is general agreement that the entire system for pensioners is confused and a muddle.

Does she have more than 16k? Yes. Is all or any of it disregarded. No. No entitlement. Sorry.