Reply To: Blameless tenant recovery and subsidy on Northgate

Naomi Armstrong

Overpayment subsidy and overpayment recovery are not linked unless for the same claimant for the same period.

Your example.
Claimant A – overpayment of £100 in cell 27. No netting off or ongoing HB to recover from.

Same landlord has 2 other tenants.
Claiamnt B current entitlement of £60pw
Claimant C current entitlement of £70PW.

Blameless tenant recovery means that the £130 payment the landlord was expecting for claimants B and C is reduced to £30 but you still get the £130 in subsidy. Effectively a credit to the Council of £100, which you use to clear the debt of claiamt A.

I would expect the £100 in Cell 27 for Claimant A to still be there and you get 40% of that.

Hope that makes sense!