Reply To: Suspected Absence

Andy Thurman

I don’t know if there is any reason for a suspension – this would only be merited if you consider there is further evidence to be requested.
You could make a decision that there is no ongoing entitlement (based on not occupying) but that would need to establish that the weight of other evidence disproved the claimant’s statement.
Is the claimant’s statement true? I do not know! If it is, of course, there are legitimate absences (of up to 52 weeks) allowed to provide approved medical care – 13 week absences if not “approved”.
How “little” is the use of gas/electric? How persuasive/reliable are the HA’s findings/neighbour input? Is it sufficient to undermine the credibility of the claimant’s statement? Have the HA served notice? If they are of the belief that their tenant is not residing at the property, they can legitimately begin such proceedings. If not, why are they suggesting HB is ended?