Reply To: How will HB change?


Think the answers re income would post them towards a benefit calculator online like turn2us so that they can work out variations on HB till their hearts content.

Think the major cause of concern would be the partner, not knowing the PFA rules in detail but from a quick google online and citizens advice bureau website dont think you can answer unless you have seen her biometric residency card, as per CAB website

If you have any other immigration status
Check your immigration documents, including:

your biometric residence permit

your decision letter from the Home Office

your online immigration status if you have one

“You’re not usually allowed to claim public funds if it says ‘no public funds’ or ‘no recourse to public funds’ on your documents. This is called having a ‘no public funds condition’.

If your immigration documents don’t say you have a no public funds condition, you can claim public funds.”

If you came to the UK as a visitor, you have a no public funds condition. This includes if you scanned your passport at an ‘eGate’ and didn’t get any immigration documents.

So will depend what it says or doesnt say on the document. Hopefully an expert on this will see your post and tell you if i am a fool or not.