Reply To: HB migration


John…I think more important is the number of people on tax credits who have not understood the move to UC. So they have not claimed as much as expected. Now if that happens in HB it may well mean a lot of evictions and arrears. DWP do not seem to think this is likely. Councils will not be involved in the process and will not be funded (advised by DWP at the last hbinfo conference).

My worry is that long term HB claimants who have been on HB for many years will just think “nothing to do with me….the Council pays my rent”. Without funding, many Councils will not be able to do much to help (how can they, with so many in dire finances). Result….even more turning up at homeless persons. My local Council already spends half of its revenue on homelessness.

I think it is fair to say that DWP do not agree with me but Shelter do (at least in part).