Reply To: landlord charges more for meals than the standard meals rate


We had one of our extra care scheme claims picked up as part of the DWP HB review.

Since the scheme started here we have always treated the full charge for meals and kitchen staff as ineligible and the DWP review officer queried this as it should just be the amount in the schedule as uprated each year. There were no notes that we had in our records as to why the full amount was disregarded, or even why the HA treated the full charge as ineligible. So I went back to the review officer to disagree saying that we had treated the amount in the schedule as ineligible and therefore the ‘balance’ fell as eligible and could be restricted under Paragraph 4. This went to ‘arbitration’ with the DWP – which seemed a bit of a kangaroo court – and ultimately to policy – who found in the review officers favour in that only the specified amounts could be treated as ineligible and that we had no recourse whatsoever to treat the rest as such, even under Paragraph 4.