Reply To: Temporary absence


thought i’d tag onto this thread a query I have.

This customer went on holiday in UK and became unwell in Oct 2022. He required immediate leg amputation. His property only has a front door with 3 steps up to it. Since amputation he could not access property. Referals were made to Social work to have a ramp installed, the assessment was done in Jan 2023 but the ramp was not installed to Feb 24 (ridiculous i know). At this point LL then said new door/threshold needed fitted to accommodate the new ramp.

We made decision that he does not meet any of the 52 week rules so claim terminated 13 weeks from Oct 22.

CAB have been in touch and are trying to argue the above constitutes “essential repairs” so 7(4) applies.

To me, initially the “ramp” is not a repair but an “adaptation” and even if it constitutes a repair, these did not happen to Feb 24. The reg quotes “essential repairs being carried out” But no repair/adaptation was carried out until Feb 24 due to delays from Social Work so can this even apply.