Reply To: Temporary absence


he went on holiday in October 2022 – he needed medically approved care while away – so he went from being a 13 week holiday absnmce to a 52 week medical treatment absence –
i thin HB should have stayed in payment until October 2023 based on his medical needs/ being away from home receiving medically approved care ( ive had mu leg amoutated and cant get into my own jhome, doe a medical profession agree /approved of him staying elsewhere in therse ciorcumstances)

i dont think the essential repairs bite because he hasnt gone back to the property and then moved out again. his clock started ticking in October 2022 and is a maximum of 52 weeks.

now, if her went back home for a few days in September 2023, couldnt manage and moved out until the ramp/new doors were fitted, then that would trigger a new 52 week period.

The ramp would be an adaptation, but if the frontdoor didnt fit and needed to be changed to accommodate access because of the new ramp, id think that was a repair.
The reg sdoesnt make any mention of how long the repairs take to complete.

As usual, id be looking for a way to stretch a reg/interpretation to keep his HB award going