Reply To: HB migration

Peter Barker

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

The only recovered overpayments that affect subsidy are DWP error overpayments, where you cannot have the original 100% subsidy on the overpayment and keep the recovered money as well. Anything you have recovered towards a DWP error overpayment during the year is deducted from subsidy on new DWP error overpayments.

In any other case, the subsidy on the overpayment is fixed whether you recover it or not.

UC migration will make it more difficult to recover overpayments because you won’t be able to claw back deductions from future HB and you will join the end of a long queue for UC deductions, but this has no effect on subsidy as far as I can see.

If I have completely misunderstood the question, I apologise, maybe try rephrasing it and the penny might drop!