Reply To: SHBE


So there should be a C record to show that the claim was unsuccessful from the first decision made. Field 35 should show the date the claim was received; Field 37 the date the first decision was made (so your unsuccessful decision); Field 39 with the outcome. Field 202 will then show probably the same date as Field 37 as the date of the unsuccessful claim with the reason in Field 210; Field 220 will then show the treated as made date.

The above is all from the first decision.

If your claimant then asked for it to be reconsidered then you should have a P record for the revision/appeal. Fields 259 with the date of the request; Field 260 with the date they were notified of the decision.

Another C record should then only appear if there was a new claim made with dates different to the above, but, the same decision was achieved.

If the award was then made successful on either claim you’d have a D record to that effect, as well as the P record.