Reply To: Universal Credit

Peter Barker

This will be a 19-year-old who is still in non-advanced education, right?

Most LA schemes adopt DWP’s max UC figure as the CTR applicable amount, which means you don’t include teenagers who have become non-deps for UC purposes but are still dependant for Child Benefit and legacy benefit purposes. Your CTR applicable amount will be whatever DWP have included in max UC.

The effect on CTR will be neutral, because you will be using the UC award as income. The income and applicable amount float up and down at the same rate with the addition/removal of dependants. In simple terms, it makes no difference to CTR whether DWP have included the teenager as a dependant or not.

That is assuming you have a conventional scheme of course.

But also, most LA schemes do not adopt DWP’s definition or designation of a non-dep, so if this person is not a non-dependant as defined in your scheme, you wouldn’t make a non-dep deduction for them. Chances are they’d belong to a group excluded from non-dep deductions anyway (again, depending what the scheme says).